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3 min readApr 4, 2023

Traditional programmes like Word and Excel work well for invoicing and record keeping. Since the 1990s, they have been utilised by millions of independent contractors and small firms, and they have been effective. Nevertheless, if you’re looking for a quicker, more secure, and more integrated online invoicing solution now, there are better options available.

Your image as a freelance professional is crucial. Your professional growth depends on having a good reputation with your clients and potential customers as a freelancer. People will consider you a desirable option for their ongoing needs if they perceive you to be effective.

As a freelancer, you gain from a smooth financial flow. Making it simpler for your clients to pay you ensures that you are paid promptly and with the most minimal effort. Clients value a quick way to pay as well.

Processing invoices manually can add to your workflow and slow you down. Errors, delays, and squandered time and energy are natural. An automated system for handling invoices can do away with labor-intensive manual procedures that hold up payment releases, lower processing errors, and increase your productivity which would otherwise be weighed down.

Here are some advantages of using automated invoices systems as a freelancer:

1. Quicker invoice processing

Without an automated invoice processing solution, processing only a few invoices, checking the figures, and getting them authorised might take up to two weeks. By creating a streamlined workflow for the procedure, an automated system can drastically cut down on the amount of time.

Since there are several levels of communication between the various divisions, manual data entry is prone to mistakes. Any time can be a bad time for lost invoices, incorrect calculations, and process errors, particularly when there are many items to process. An invoice processing method helps you iron out mistakes and improve precision.

3. Avoid Late Fines And Delays

A manual procedure is prone to many hits and misses when dealing with numerous invoices from vendors and suppliers. Vendor agreements occasionally include late fees and penalties, which will raise your expenses even more. You can avoid these fines and handle invoices more quickly by using an automated invoice processing system.

4. Increases Visibility

Gaining a complete understanding of the entire process is difficult when sorting through heaps of paper and manually filing documents. Lack of openness can result in unresolved problems such as ineffective procedures, underreported costs, and incomplete accruals, among other things. The advantages of automated invoice processing include improved visibility across the entire process chain and the provision of all the data required to address problems in real time.

Your Accounts Payable section may not have much time left over after processing invoices because it requires tedious manual labour. With an automated invoice processing tool in place, you can expedite the process and free up your resources from tedious manual labour so they can focus on more crucial duties.

Even though moving to automation has many benefits, many organizations are still using the same antiquated manual procedures. Embracing automation early on will give you a competitive advantage in a number of ways, including time savings and error reduction.

Several highly efficient invoicing tools are now available for you to explore for example Zoho invoice, Xero, Freshbooks, Quickbooks, and many more.

You can also leverage integrated platforms like Flexing It, which take care of your end-to-end project management experience. Everything that needs to be done to raise and manage invoices are immediately clear, and you receive prompts in all the appropriate places. The majority of independent contractors these days are looking for this ease of usage.

Experts like you can now have an automatically generated invoice. You can now have hassle-free payments and seamless invoicing! On your consultant dashboard, just above the matching project listing, you will find a ‘CONSULTANT INVOICING’ button. As a first step to start your journey as a freelancer and have access to high-quality projects, prompt admin support, and modules like automated invoicing, you can sign up with us by clicking .

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